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Getting the Most of Your Workouts After the HCG Diet

September 29, 2015
Exercise and Eating Well after HCG Diet
Exercise and Eating Well after HCG Diet

Get Exercising After Phase II of the HCG Diet

So you’ve lost 25 lbs and you feel fabulous.  You are worried about going into phase III of the HCG Diet and even more worried about maintaining the weight that you have lost.  I am here to tell you ... YOU CAN DO IT ... and ... with a few lifestyle changes it really will not even be that hard.  Throughout the HCG Diet Phase I and Phase II you have learned an incredible amount about your body and  your eating habits and patterns.  You have made so many chnages to habits on both an unconscious and conscious level.  Now, it is time to take this into Phase III of the program and beyond.  We help all of our patients define a maintenance dietary program that is non-deprivational and easy to follow 85-90-% of the time.  The other 10% of the time you go out and enjoy food as a "special treat." 


You also must add in some exercise.  This is crucial to any wellness plan.  Find something that you love and move that body of yours EVERY DAY if you can.  If you are healthy enough to move your body it is a gift!!  The hardest part of getting fit is jumping on board with the plan.  Once you have that established you have taken the first step.  As you keep moving forward with your routine you will want to begin to up the intensity of your workouts over time.  Pushing yourself a little bit harder can be fun and you will be rewarded with results in your stamina and in the way that you look.

Steps to Get the Most of Your Workouts After Phase II of the HCG Diet

1. Have a Fitness GOAL in Mind and a PLAN to Achieve it
Get on track and write down some fitness goals.  Stay focused on these goals just like you do your goals at work.  Hold yourself accountable. Be specific with dates.  Measure your progress.

A trainer can be a great way to go and a wonderful use of $ if you feel you cannot do this on your own.  There are a lot of new "on demand" exercise companies right now that have great workout routines that escalate in levels of intensity. This is great for people who exercise at home.


2. Switch it up your Exercise Routine

Once you have been in the routine for a while ... begin to change it up.  Add in some weight, change up some resistance, focus on jumping higher, running faster and giving what you are doing even more!!  Also, change up the types of exercises you are doing.  Take a different class at the gym, go for some yoga, try running, check our high intesity interval training.  It is fun to change it up.  It keeps it fresh and keeps your muscles going strong. 

Keep all the Pieces of  Healthy Lifestyle on Your Mind After the HCG Diet

Diet and Exercise go hand in hand.  They must both be non-negotiable in order to live to your optimal health potential.  Please eat the right foods, in the right amounts. Please make a committment to dialy exercise if you can.  Have your basic blood work done every year to be sure your hormones, chem panel and CBC results are in line.  Stay motivated!!!

Make yourself, yourbody and your life the very best it can be!



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