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Gaining and Losing Weight After 40

February 10, 2018
Even after 40, you can have an optimal body composition!  It just might take a bit more mindfulness and dedication!
Even after 40, you can have an optimal body composition! It just might take a bit more mindfulness and dedication!

Having Trouble Losing Weight After 40? The HCG Diet can Help!


Many women that I work with in my private practice share a similar story ... they have a reasonably healthy diet, a moderate activity level and yet they find themselves gaining weight. To many, this is maddening and saddening!  Beginning in their 40s, most men and women find themselves gaining a few extra pounds and also find it extremely difficult to get them off.  With our HCG Diet program, we have had tremendous success in helping our patients lose the excess weight and maintain it!


Specific Gene Activation in Middle Age


A recent scientific study by NIH scientist Dr. Jay H. Chung has shown that the enzyme known as DNA-PK or DNA-dependent protein kinase can slow down your metabolism. What’s interesting is they didn’t find this DNA-PK in mice and monkeys before middle age, but there was an increase in DNA-PK’s activity after this period.  It is believed that humans also have similar genetics and science is working on defining these genes. There is also research being done on how we can stop this specific set of metabolism lowering genes from being activated.


Slower metabolism means fewer calories burned and this can also mean a few extra pounds around the mid-line over time.  I have seen that lowering the carbohydrate intake and increasing the amount of green leafy veggies and small amounts of clean protein sources to be effective in my practice. I also am an advocate for exercise on most days that consists of a combination of cardio and resistance training.  


Aging and Metabolic Rate


When it comes to weight gain in your 40s, your basal metabolic rate (BMR) or the amount of energy your body burns while at rest plays a big role. It is a known fact that for most people, BMR decreases linearly with age.  In general, as the body ages there is a decrease in muscle mass and an increase in fat.  Muscle is metabolically active tissue and burns calories. SO, as we age fat tends to increase and muscle tends to decrease, therefor, so does energy consumption and metabolism.


When fat begins to increase around the abdomen it begins to get more dangerous.  Abdominal fat increase is linked to the liver, which controls much of our physiological metabolism. Often when there is a great deal of abdominal fat, we see an increases in glucose intolerance and lipid abnormalities.



How to Activate Healthy Genes


The solution really is not that hard!  Basically, choose clean, nutrient rich foods and get good exercise.   This actually lowers your metabolic rate and puts your body in a favorable position to activate those genes that extend your life.


Exercise will increase metabolic rate and promotes a healthy gene expression.  There are a whole host of changes like blood sugar control, reduction on inflammation, proper stress response and improved metabolism  that are related to exercise. 


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