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Finding a Maintenance Diet Plan after the HCG Diet

June 30, 2015
Creating a Personal Maintenance Plan after the HCG Diet
Creating a Personal Maintenance Plan after the HCG Diet

Tips to Maintain Weight Loss After the HCG Diet


After you have lost weight with the HCG Diet program and you are feeling great you most likely want to find a way to maintain those results.  Truth be told, it is really not that difficult.  In Phase III of the HCG Diet program, we taught you about the "correction day" of eating phase II foods in phase III amounts.  This is a very simple way to lose 1-2 lbs without feeling deprived and without restricting calories.  One of the keys to weight maintenance is to stay tuned into your body.  I recommend weighing in on the scale every few days and if you are 2-3 lbs over where you would like to be ... do a correction day and get back to where you would like to be.  It is much easier to do something about 2 lbs than it is 10 lbs. 


Creating a Personal Maintenance Diet Plan on Phase III of the HCG Diet

I like to teach my patients to modify a phase III HCG Diet Menu to suit their needs and let this be your every day diet plan.  For some, this could be adding in some dairy and grains on occasion to the phase III diet.  For others, they seem to have adopted phase III into their life as their every day diet.  WIth a little trial and error, you will find modifications that work for you and keep your weight steady.  We help our patients to establish this part of the plan. 


Also, we recommend you stick to your personal maintenance plan 85% of the time and the other 15% you go out enjoy foods that you love.  It is important that we take occasions to celebrate with food and enjoy social occasions where food is the highlight.  After all, if you are too rigid about your plan you could set yourself up for failure.  The trick is to be able to go and enjoy pizza and beer on occasion and then be able to jump right back into your personal maintenance plan.


Eating Healthy in Today's World after the HCG Diet


The HCG Diet is a wonderful way to hit the "reset" button on habits and patterns and to shed some extra weight.  The next step is to maintain your weight loss.  In todays world where food is ever so abundant this can be easier said than done.  It takes mindfulness and will power to stay on track.  However, over time (give it 3 months) it almost becomes second nature and what you will eventually crave is clean, lean protein, organic vegetables and pure water.  It is so worth it to resist the temptations that come from processed foods.  Just ask yourself before you take a bit ... "will this nourish me?"  If the answer is "no" you might reconsider. 


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