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Exercising on the HCG Diet

April 1, 2015
Exercise and the HCG Diet Program
Exercise and the HCG Diet Program

What kind of Exercise can I do on the HCG Diet?


This is a very common question that we get from our patients on the HCG Diet Protocol.  In leading patients through this program for nearly 10 years now I can honestly say that the answer to this question is very patient specific.  Many patients have in their mind that they are eating 500 calories and any for of exercise could wipe them out.  The truth is that you may be consuming 500(ish) calories but you are turning over somewhere between 1000 and 2500 calories daily of your own fat stores for your body to use as fuel -- therfore, patients are NOT on a caloric deficit while on this program and this is the reason that when we scan our patients on our body composition analyzer they lose little to no lean muscle mass on the program.


Listening to the Body with Exercise and the HCG Diet Program

I ask patients to listen to tone their normal exercise program down a few nothches.  Most importantly, I ask patients to listen to their own bodies. If you feel tired, sluggish or weak in any way then this is a sign to take it easy and giev your body rest and perhaps more nourishment.  It is important to modify the protocol for each individual patient and their own specific set of needs.  We recommend that our patients walk daily for 30-45 minutes. If we have patients who are extremely active in their day to day life they may do a little more than that. We do not recommend any strenuous weight lifting.


Protein, Exercise and the HCG Diet


It is important to be aware that the HCG Diet gives the body just enough protein to get tthrough the day.  If our bodies become protein deficient this could create a metabolic issue and the body may take protein or amino acids (building blocks of protein) from lean our lean muscle.  "Muscle dictates metabolism," is a phrase that holds a lot of truth.  We do not want to lose our lean muscle stores. SO, if a patient decides to work out in a moderate way, we recommend replenishing post workout with an HCG Diet approved protein powder such as Sun Warrior.



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