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Exercise and the Benefits for the Brain

October 28, 2014
Get out and Move Your Body for Better Brain Health
Get out and Move Your Body for Better Brain Health

Your Brain Loves Exercise

We all know the extra-ordinary benefits of exercise for the body as far as weight maintenance and over all feeling good for the body. However, exercise is paramount for brain health.  Exercise is a sure way to put a halt on cognitive decline as we age.  Exercise increases blood supply throughout the entire body and facilitates with the exchange of nutrients and oxygen to the organs and tissues.


Did you Know that Exercise Can Change your Genes?

 It is true.  Physical exercise is one of the best way to change your genetics.  The science is really amazing.  Aerobic exercise has been shown to reverse a decilne in memory, increase the genesis of new brain cells and it turns ona gene called BDNF which is also known as the brains form of growth hormone. 


The more you move the fitter your brain becomes.


Get out and Exercise


Make it a non-negotiable part of your life to get out EVERY DAY and move your body for atleast 30-40 minutes.  This is so important for overaall health and is crucial to live in a healthy way! Our children need the same if not more.  They need to be out running and playing every day.  Adding this daily dose of exercise to your plan could help reverse type II diabetes as well as many other disease states created by lifestyle.


We instruct our HCG Diet patients to make 30-60 minutes of daily exercise a non-negotiable part of their maintenance plan.


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