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Eating Excess Food on the HCG Diet Food Plan

September 10, 2014
Modifications to the HCG Diet
Modifications to the HCG Diet

The HCG Diet and Additional Food Intake


When the HCG Diet is followed exactly as outlined in our Natural Path HCG Diet Manual  the results can be quite astonishing.  The HCG is known to impact leptin levels and therefore this program is hormonally intricate.  Occasionally,  I find that our patients get a little "lazy" and begin to food in addition to the HCG Diet Plan. Many patients feel that as long as they are eating extra food from the "phase II HCG Diet food list"  then they are staying on track.  We monitor our HCG Diet program and offer modifications based upon individual needs of each patient.  I strongly advise my patients to get in touch with me if they feel that they are needing excess foods so that we can create a plan together that will not sabotage the results of the HCG Diet program.


What Foods Can be Considered "Extra" on the HCG Diet


When my patients are needing to eat a little more than what is outlined in phase II of the outlined plan I like to meet with them one on one to come with a plan. For some patients having egg whites in the morning can help them kick start their day.  Sometimes, I recommend that patients have a smoothie in the am that is made with water and an HCG Diet approved protein powder (this can be blended with a few frozen strawberries and will count as one of the fruits for the day.) Miracle noodles are another food that we occasionally allow on the HCG Diet for those patients dealing with hunger.  These noodles are pure fiber and do not contain any carbs, fats or sugars. They are literally only a fiber.  They work well on the program if eaten at lunch time. They do absorb 11x their weight in water so if the bowels have not moved it could contribute to mass in the intestines and therefore weight on the scale.


"Free Foods" on Phase II of the HCG Diet



We let our patients choose from cucumber, celery and spinach to have a "free" vegetable that they can eat as much as they want on the program.  This strategy helps to manage that part of the mind/body that feels deprived and wants to "cheat."  By telling yourself that you can eat as many cucumber slices as you would like in a day we can simply get around that issue. It works extrememly well for most people to satisfy the need to be crunching something in their mouths.


At the Natural Path, we modify the HCG Diet to meet our patients needs and to still be effective for weight loss.




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