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Delicious, Refreshing HCG Diet Friendly Salad

February 1, 2016
HCG Diet Friendly chicken, apple, cucumber salad delight!
HCG Diet Friendly chicken, apple, cucumber salad delight!

Chicken, Apple, Cucumber Salad with Honey Mustard Dressing for the HCG Diet


This is one of my favorite HCG Diet Phase II Approved lunches.  It satisfies every time!!  Besides being delicious, it is also very easy to make.  One dish of this can be one of  your servings of protein, vegetable and fruit for the day.  You can easily divide this into 2 portions and have it as 2 little meals in the day. I have a lot of patients who will have 1/2 of this for lunch and then 1/2 as a mid-day "snack." 


How to Put this HCG Diet Friendly Salad together.


Boil or grill 3.5 ounces of organic, chicken breast - let cool and then cut into bite size pieces

Cut one medium, organic apple into chunks

Cut one medium organic cucumber into bite sized pieces


Place the three above ingredients in to a bowl.


For the HCG Diet friendly dressing, place raw, apple cider vinegar in your blender and add a dollop of clean, stone-ground mustard to taste.  Blend and then add in a few stevia drops to taste if you would like a little sweetness. Add salt, pepper or any other herbs or spices you desire.

Toss the salad with your dressing to taste and enjoy!


Simple Creations Make the HCG Diet Fun


It does not take too much creativity to make really delicious dishes with the limited food list on phase II of the HCG Diet. In fact, I really love seeing what I can put together with such a simple list of ingredients.  I am never disappointed. So, if you find yourself broiling chicken and steaming some broccoli every night ... break out and try something new. I can almost promise you will love this HCG Diet happy salad!


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