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Cruciferous Cabbage on the HCG Diet

September 9, 2015
Delicious Cabbage on the HCG Diet
Delicious Cabbage on the HCG Diet

Cabbage -- a special vegetable for the HCG Diet


Cabbage has been cultivated for many ages of time.  It was a highly revered plant by the Germans and Celts.  The Romans believed it helped with depression and was the go to cure for hangover.  It is believed that immigrants long ago brought cabbage seedlings over to America. 


There are three types of cabbage that are most common. Pale green cabbage can be eaten either cooked or raw.  This is the cabbage used in making cole slaw and saurkraut.  Savoy is the cabbage that with the ruffled leaves. This cabbage is often used in salads and is high in beta carotene.  Purple cabbage has twice the vitamin C content as the pale green cabbage.


On the HCG Diet, you can have any variety of cabbage in raw form, steamed, lightly sauteed and even made into a soup.


The Nutirent Content of Cabbage


Green Cabbage is quite high in folate (it has twice the amt as purple cabbage). Purple cabbage has twice the vitamin C content of other cabbages.  In general, cabbage has more vitamin C than oranges.  Cabbage also has a high mineral content including potassium, calcium, vitamin B1 and B2.  Cabbage is known to heal ulcers.  This raw form of cabbage juiced is best to treat ulcers. 


Cabbage can be goitrogenic and is known to lower thyroid function if eaten in high amounts in its raw form.


Cabbage on the HCG Diet


Enjoy cabbage on the HCG Diet!  You can eat it raw.  You can steam it!  You can steam it and blend it to make a nice soup.  You can juice it.  You can make a salad with it.  You can make saurkraut! 


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