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Common Pitfalls on the HCG Diet Protocol

March 15, 2018
YOU CAN DO THIS! Stick with the HCG Diet!
YOU CAN DO THIS! Stick with the HCG Diet!


The HCG Diet is fairly straight forward.  However, there can certainly be differences from program to program.  Small "errors" can surely stall the results of the program.  The most optimal weight loss will come to those who stick with it exactly as outlined in our HCG Diet Manual at The Natural Path.  We work with all of our patients to set them up for true success all through the phases of the HCG Diet.

A Few Common HCG Diet Mistakes

Please Follow the Program as Outlined!

The HCG diet protocol is not that difficult to follow. The layout is very straightforward.  There will always be moments where you may need to dig your heels in and muster up some willpower!  You can do it.  Cheating is not worth it. We go through the process in detail with each patient!  The better you adhere to the outline the better the results.


Measure your Portions on the HCG Diet

There are very specific amounts of food allotted on phase 2 of the HCG Diet program. Please measure your food to 3.5 ounces of protein per serving and 1-2 cups of vegetable per meal.  Be sure you have a reliable food scale. At The Natural Path, we incorporate "free" food items to help you through those hungry moments and they seem to work really well.


Do not over exercise on the HCG Diet

We recommend that all of our patients listen to their bodies and tone exercise down on phase 2 of the HCG Diet.  We do not want you burning too many calories and becoming hungry and protein deficient.  If there are patients who do exercise, we recommend an HCG Diet friendly protein powder post exercise to replenish the body with absorbable amino acids. I find that walking, a gentle bike ride or yoga are perfect on the HCG Diet program. I ask all of my patients to keep the rhythm of exercise alive on phase 2 of the program and increase the intensity come phase 3!

Only use Fresh Fruits and Vegetables and Organic Meats on the HCG Diet program

We ask our patients to avoid any processed foods on the program. You will also want to  avoid canned vegetables due to additional processing.  Frozen can work in a pinch and fresh is always best.  Organic produce is higher in vitamins, minerals and phyto-nutrients. Organic meats will also be a much better option than conventional meats that are full of hormones and often contain antibiotics. 

Be Careful with the beverages you choose on the HCG Diet

We ask our patients to consume 2-4 liters of water of mineral water each day on the HCG Diet program!  We recommend black coffee, teas with no sugar, water and mineral water.  Stevia is the only sweetener allowed on this process.   No artifical sweeteners will work on the program as many of them will inhibit the liver from processing fat! Other studies show that artificially sweetened drinks can cause the body to release insulin and cause fat storage. 

No cooking oils or sprays on the HCG Diet

It is best to avoid ALL oils on the HCG Diet program!  Non-stick pans that do not have chemicals on them are a wonderful addition to your kitchen on the HCG Diet.  You can also boil, steam and grill!  When you get to phase 3 of the program,  you can begin to use healthy oils and fats.


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