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Chlorella -- my favorite micro green algae supplement

August 19, 2015
Chlorella - a natural detoxifier with benefits on the HCG Diet and in every day life
Chlorella - a natural detoxifier with benefits on the HCG Diet and in every day life

Chlorella is a Broad Spectrum Health Optimizer


Chlorella is an algae that is extremely rich in chlorophyll with essential amino acids, lots of fiber, ample amounts of B 12 and many minerals.  Chlotophyll is sometimes called the blood of plants.  It is that amazing substance that can convert light into energy.  Chlorohyll is a wonderful anti-inflammatory, healer of wounds and a great anti-oxidant.  Chlorella is used today to help our bodies deal with toxins. 


At the Natural Path, we recommend our patients take a high potency, pure form of chlorella in the amount of 6 tablets 3-4x/day while on our HCG Diet Program.  On the HCG Diet, fat is being turned over at a rapid rate.  Fat is a place that the body stores toxins and as fat is turned over toxins are being excreted.  We hope to use the organs of elimination to help the body process these toxins.  Chlorella is a wonderful supplement to add to the protocol to help the body deal with the toxic material being turned over.


The History and Science of Chlorella


Chlorella is known to have been on this planet for 2 billion years.  Scientists claim it was the first cellular form with a true nucleus.  It is a single cell, fresh water algae.  Chlorella can divide up to 4 times ina  24 hour period.  This algae is 20% carb, 20% fat and 50% protein.  As we discussed, chlorella is also a rich supply of Vitamin B 12, carotenoids, Vitamin C, magnesium, flavenoids, lutein, amino acids, fiber, and many different phytochemicals. Due to the fact that chlorella has an abundance of chlorophyll inside its cell walls it is able to convert sunlight into energy at a rapid rate.


Chlorella Use for Heavy Metal and Pesticide Toxicity

Chlorella contains compounds within which can bind to heavy metals such as cadmium, lead and mercury.  Toxins are very disruptive to the nervous and cardiovascular systems (and most likely every system of the body) and we need these plant based friends to help us cleanse our bodies.  Chlorella has also been shown to have special polysaccharides that can rid the body of certain insecticides.  Animal studies have shown that with chlorella use, insecticides can be removed twice as fast if chlorella is being used as a supplement in the body. 




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