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Cabbage -- the wonder Veggie on the HCG Diet Program

June 29, 2016
The Wonderful Phase 2 HCG SDiet Veggie Cabbage
The Wonderful Phase 2 HCG SDiet Veggie Cabbage

Three Cheers for Cabbage on the HCG Diet

Cabbage is such a wonderful vegetable. It is great prepared in so many ways.  You can cut it in wedges and eat it raw, add to a salad to deliver crunch and color, you can steam it or juice it and you can also ferment it!  That is some versatility for you in a vegetable.  Cabbage also has some significant health benefits as it is high in antioxidants, it is anti inflammatory and rich in a multitude of vitamins and minerals. We highly recommend that our HCG Diet patients consume cabbage as a regular part of their HCG Diet Program.

Health Benefits of the Phase II HCG Diet Approved Vegetable: Cabbage

Cabbage has had a spot light in a lot of research lately for it's anti-cancer properties.  There are quite a few constituents in cabbage that lend to it's stellar nutritional profile.  Among them are ~


  • Cabbage has ANTI OXIDANTS:  Cabbage contains a myriad of strong antioxidants including,  vitamin C, Vitamin A as well as, many phytonutrients including thiocyanates, lutein, zeaxanthin, isothiocyanates and sulforaphane.  These antioxdants stimulate detoxifying enzymes and may protect against common cancers.

  • "Without sufficient intake of antioxidants, our oxygen metabolism can become compromised, and we can experience a metabolic problem called oxidative stress. Chronic oxidative stress in and of itself can be a risk factor for development of cancer."



    These days the inflammatory response in many people is high and creates a lot of health issues.  Inflammation is a reason that the body becomes compromised and is also linked to cancer and many other disease. Keeping inflammation low in the body is corner stone for optimal health.

    Cabbage contains a wealth of anti-inflammatory nutrients to help keep inflammation in check.


    Vitamin K1 and B vitamins

    Vitamin K1 is a nutrient that many have a deficiency in.  Amazingly enough, cabbage has 85% of your body's daily requirement in just one serving.   This Vitamin plays a big role in blood clotting and bone metabolism. It is also helpful in Alzheimers disease by keeping brain neurons healthy.
  • Cabbage and Ulcer Healing

    When it comes to healing ulcers, cabbage juice is the best.  This is due to its high amount of S methylmethionine or Vitamin U.

  • Preparing Fermented Cabbage for the HCG Diet


  • Shred and cut your chosen veggies -- I like to also add in some onion.
  • Cut up some celery stalks and stick them through a juicer.  This will be the "brine," as it contains natural sodium and not only eliminates the need for sea salt but also keeps the vegetables free of the growth of pathogenic bacteria.
  • Pack the veggies and celery juice along with the some form of "starter culture."  I like to use kefir grains.  Place all of this in a  32-ounce wide-mouthed canning jar.
  • Top with a cabbage leaf and be sure to  tuck it down the sides. Be sure the veggies are completely covered with celery juice and that the juice is all the way to the top of the jar to eliminate trapped air.
  • Seal the jar very well.
  • Store in a warm place for 24 to 96 hour sat 68-75 degrees Fahrenheit. Be sure not to go above 85 degrees as  heat kills both the good and bad bacteria.
  • When done, store in the fridge and eat as desired.


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