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Butter Lettuce Tuna Wrap -- HCG Diet Phase II on the GO

March 27, 2016
Delicious Phase II HCG Diet Butter Lettuce Tuna Wrap
Delicious Phase II HCG Diet Butter Lettuce Tuna Wrap

Quick and Easy Phase II HCG Diet Meal - Tuna wrap


The other day, I was making my lunch for work on the go.  I grabbed a pouch of albacore tuna from Vital choices (sustainable caught) and opened it up into a bowl.  I then opened the fridge and tossed in a tbsp of organic cottage cheese and a tsp of stone ground mustard and gave it a stir.  I chopped up a stalk of celery and threw that in as well.  I put the HCG Diet friendly tuna mix in a glass dish and put on a dash of salt and pepper.  I took a few leaves off of the butter lettuce head and placed them in a glass container.  I was ready to go.  This is for you HCG Diet patients who are moving fast in the morning.


HCG Diet Friendly Lunch on the GO


When lunch came, I spread some of the tuna salad on a lettuce leaf and rolled it up.  Serious, crunchy, fresh, deliciousness.  The entire pouch of tuna was 3 ounces and I got about 6 wraps out of it.  I felt extremely satisfied after eating.  Getting this already to go took under 10 minutes and there was hardly any clean up time.  I would give this recipe and A+ for those days when you are moving fast and need quick preparation. After all ... preparation is everything on the HCG Diet protocol.


What you will need for this HCG Diet Friendly Wrap Recipe


1 pouch (3 oz) sustainable caught albacore tuna in water

1 stalk celery chopped

1 tbsp organic, low fat cottage cheese

1 tsp stone ground mustard

pinch salt

pinch pepper

Butter lettuce leaves - around 6 -7 leaves.


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