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Banana SMores -- Healthier Fun Around the Campfire

August 3, 2016
Banana Smores!  A little easier on the body!
Banana Smores! A little easier on the body!

Health(ier) Campfire Fun!

Campfire season is here and of course that means S'mores for my family.  This is something my kids (and my husband) surely look forward to.  I can pass on them:)  Of course, the kids want to break out the fire pit atleast once per week in the summer months. I don't blame them ... it is so fun to sit together around a fire in the evening. However, roasting "marshmallows"  MUST be a part of the process. Where we live, it is not dusky enough for a fire until 8:40 pm ... I certainly do not want my kids eating marshmallows and getting all jacked up on sugar before bed (even with those vegan marshmallows). A little banana chunk to roast seems to do the trick. My kids aren't so into the graham cracker or chocolate part of the package but, if you are the banana is a nice addition.

Last week, while camping, I decided to pull out a new twist for the smores.  I usually get the vegan marshmallows made out of tapioca BUT I forgot.  I refuse to buy the conventional marshmallows made with corn syrup and other chemicals. Yuck.  Luckily, I did bring the graham crackers and even some nice 88% dark chocolate for my husband.

In a pinch I began cutting up chunks of fruit to replace the marshmallow in the smores.  We tried peaches and nectarines but the bananas were the hit.

Banana S’mores it is!

4 large bananas, peeled and sliced about 2” thick; best if they are pretty firm.
2 bars dark chocolate
1 bag gluten-free cookies or crackers of choice

Cut the banana and place it on the stick and let it roast gently over the flame. It takes a little longer than a conventional marshmallow does. As it softens and begins to carmelize place it on your cracker and top with chocolate ... and of course savor and ENJOY!


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