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Another Happy HCG Diet Patient Joins the Elite Club -- Over 100 lbs lost!

March 9, 2016
The HCG Diet Can Help People Lose that Extra Weight!
The HCG Diet Can Help People Lose that Extra Weight!

The HCG Diet has Allowed the Woman to Change her Relationship with Food and Lose over 100 lbs.


Last January, Pat came into our office to have her first consult for the HCG Diet Protocol.  She had just been discharged from the hospital 3 weeks prior after suffering and recovering from a major heart attack.  She was determined to lose weight and regain her health. She knew the road ahead would be a long one but she was ready to set down the path.  I felt truly honored to be part of her journey from the start.


Pat came to me weighing in at 386 lbs.  She was on more medications than I could have ever imagined taking in my life -- there were pills for depression, blood pressure, cholesterol, acid reflux, constipation, blood sugar, pain management, etc.  The first step was to get her body in a healthier place before beginning the HCG Diet.  We spent the first few months making dietary changes and paring away some of her medications that she really did not need.  We ran labwork and watched her values significantly improve in just 2 months of simple dietary changes. She began faithfully walking daily with 2.5 lb weights in each hand.  She had lost 15 lbs in 8 weeks.  By March of 2015, I felt she was ready to undertake the HCG Diet program


The HCG Diet Journey Begins

eAs Pat got started with the program, she was full of motivation and inspiration.  She had researched different menu plans in detail and was diligent in planning ahead.  She had goals in mind and she was determined to reach them. In the first 6 week round of the program, she lost 42 lbs (37 lbs on phase II and another 5 lbs on phase III).  This was 57 lbs total since she stepped through the doors at The Natural Path.  I was so proud of her. She did not cheat at all and she had incredible results.  She was feeling strong and I could see a sparkle in her eyes! 



The Next HCG Diet Round


After completing all of the phases in her first round of the HCG Diet.  Pat decided to take a 6 week break and see if she could maintain her weight loss. We discussed in detail a healthy diet plan for Pat that felt exciting, healthy and non-deprivational.  Pat was thrilled about this part of the plan. She remained motivated and inspired to bring her health to a new level.  Her enthusiasm was contagious!  In the 6 weeks between the rounds Pat lost another 6 lbs. She had begun hiking a path close to her home that was a 4 mile loop and uphill most of the way.  


Pat came back into begin her next round of the HCG Diet and she was 63 lbs down. She did her 2 loading days and followed it with 6 weeks phase II of the HCG Diet.  She was down another 34 lbs bringing her weight loss to a total of 97 lbs. In her last week of phase III, Pat dropped down another 3.5 lbs.  She did it, she lost 100 lbs.  


Having the opportunity to watch someone transform their life like this is AMAZING!!!





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