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April 30, 2017
"The HCG Diet was the BEST thing I have ever done for myself .... EVER"

A Mom needing to Lose Weight and the HCG Diet was my Answer


I just wanted to take a minute to introduce myself, my name is Brenda.  I home school my two children, I work from home and take good care of the house, I make food as often as I can for my hard-working husband and most days, I am extremely busy.  One thing I am not so good at it taking care of myself!  In my world, I have made it so that everyone else comes first.  In the past 8 years since my youngest son was born, I have not made any time to take care of myself (and  I am not proud of it).  I make sure that each day my chlidren get protein and vegetables and I watch over their sugar intake.  I hate to admit it, but I am addicted to sugar.  I love to eat at night after the kids go to bed.  Last October, I went to the doctor and they told me I was obese!  I went from being an underweight high schooler to an OBESE Mom.  Ouch!  Something needed to change!


I set a goal to lose 75 lbs. It seemed like a steep mountain and I had no ideas how to get to the top.  I decided to break it down into 2 chunks of 35 lbs. This felt more do able to me.  Still ... I wondered HOW????  I knew I could eat better and I had about 0 time to exercise but I was going to get in 20 minutes daily to start. I knew all the rules to losing weight but I never had much luck with applying them!


Discovering the HCG Diet Program

Then I learned about the HCG  Diet and Weight Loss protocol.   Somehow, the HCG Diet plan made sense to me.  My neighbor had introduced it to me one day when I went out to get the mail.  She had lost 30 lbs and she looked so healthy!  She raved about the program and I couldn't NOT go in and check it out online.  I spent the entire evening looking into different weight loss centers and chose The Natural Path!  I had nothing to lose except for all of the extra weight I was carrying around with me!


I called and made my appointment. I did research for hours per day. I gathered all the supplies I would need and I had a strong "I can" attitude. This weight was going bye bye. I was ready and I felt excited to start this journey.



Following the HCG Diet Program



I began the HCG Diet in December 2016!  This was not the most ideal time as Christmas is a big deal in my family and along with loved ones, food is a centerpiece of the occasion.  I loved the guidance I had from Dr. Cara. Meeting with her was like a breath of fresh air, her warmth and gentleness wrapped in a strong surge of motivation and inspiration really gave me the fuel I needed to stay tuned in.  I followed the program as directed for 6 solid weeks. I then went into the stabilization phase for another 3 weeks.  When February came along, I was 34 lbs down and had lost 29 inches.  I was feeling AMAZING!  I was eating healthier than I ever had!  The sugar, the carbs, the soda .... they were long gone!  It hasn't always been easy, don't get me wrong, but absolutely the best thing I've done for myself ... EVER!!!! I


In early March, I began the second round of the HCG Diet.  I lost 4 more lbs since ending the last round.  This time, I stayed on the program for 5 weeks and then went into phase 3 (I just finished).  I got down 26 lbs on phase 2 and lost another 2 on phase 3.  That is 65 lbs gone.  NONE of my clothes fit and I now have a whole new wardrobe. It is hard to believe it is me when I look in the mirror. The best is that I am confidant and happy!

For those of you considering the HCG Diet program ... here is the quick low down!

Phase 1 is LOADING. This is where you focus on eating healthy, high fat foods and begin your HCG Injections for 2 days.

Phase 2  is the time where the only food eaten is on the Phase 2 food list in the amounts of 50-700 calories. The HCG injections help to stimulate fat turnover for fuel so hunger stays at bay.  I can tell you that without the HCG, I would have been starving and I would have lost lean mass. The Natural Path HCG Diet Program offers a comprehensive body composition analysis before and after the program and I did not lose ANY lean mass. This phase can last from 23-42 days (and anywhere in between).

Phase 3 is the where caloric intake increases to "normal" and sugars and carbs are kept low. This is the time where your new weight becomes a "set point" and it is important to follow this phase!

Phase 4,  is when we carefully introduce healthy carbs and starches back in in moderate amounts.  I weighed daily on this phase and learned which foods caused me to gain weight.  


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