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Almond Butter - Easy Steps to Make Your Own for HCG Diet

March 24, 2015
Pure Nuts to Pure Nut Butter - Easy, SImple and HCG Diet P3 Happy
Pure Nuts to Pure Nut Butter - Easy, SImple and HCG Diet P3 Happy

Making Your Own Almond (Nut) Butter - Healthier than from the Store


After learning that most almonds in the US were fumigated with a propylene oxide gas and heated to over 200 degrees, I vowed never to purchase almonds again unless I knew the source.  It is important that the food I serve my family & friends comes from a good source ... and not be showered with a toxic, hazardous chemical such as propylene oxide. Propylene oxide (PPO) is banned in all european nations, as well as Canada and Mexico.  It is a known carcinogen.  Heating almond kernals to 200 degrees also renders most of the beneficial enzymatic activity and many nutrients ineffective.  I have learned that most all US grown nuts are fumigated and heated.  If they are labeled "organic" they are still heated to high heat (although not fumigated).  To get "pure" almonds, they will be imported or locally grown and purchased at a farmers market or local stand. 


Many of our HCG Diet Phase III patients are eager to add nuts and nut butters back into their diet after phase II!  I urge them all to find nuts that come from a clean source.  Good news ... It is easier than I thought to find almonds that are not heated or treated.  Of course, they will most likely be imported from another country but I would prefer the long trip for the almonds over the chemicals any day.  Just check online for almonds and ask the supplier if they are fumigated or heated.


First Steps in Making Pure Nut Butters


The first couple of steps are optional.  I begin by soaking my nuts over night in room temp water and a bit of salt.  In the morning, I strain them well and let them sit in between 2 dish towels in a single layer to dry out a bit.  This could be called "sprouting" the almonds.  Next, I place the almonds in our food dehydrator and let them dry out for 24 hours at 105 degrees.  After that, the real almond butter making process begins. 


Creating Nut Butters


I do recommend having a good quality food processor as well as a little bit of PATIENCE!! That is all you really need ... especially the patience:)

 Place about 4 cups of  nuts or seeds (whatever kind of butter you want to make) and then turn the food processor on.  The whole process takes roughly 15-20 minutes AND at certain points, you will wonder with disbelief that almond butter could ever come from all those crumbs.  Honestly, it is like magic ... all of a sudden, out of no where ...a creamy, smooth almond butter is born from those billions of little crumbs.  You may have to scrape the sides from time to time during the process. Once the almond butter is made, you can place it in a glass container and I do recommend keeping it in the fridge.  If you want to get creative, you can add anything you like.  I often will add a little coconut butter and chia seeds to ours.  If you would like a crunchy nut butter, you would have to grind some nuts down to a coarse grind and set them aside to mix in as the last step. I have experimented with raw cacao powder and cacao butter as well as adding in many different super foods to our nut butters. My favorite combo is almond, coconut butter, chia seed.  It is delicious.  I also make sunflower seed and pumpkin seed butter the same way and they are fabulous.


These nut/seed butters are AMAZING.  Give it a try.  I guarantee you will LOVE it!


 photo credit: Chocolate Almond Butter via photopin (license)


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