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A New Rule About Sitting on the HCG Diet

January 15, 2016
Challenge Your HCG Diet Program and spend at least 25% of your day Standing!
Challenge Your HCG Diet Program and spend at least 25% of your day Standing!

Get a Daily Dose of Light Exercise 


The HCG Diet is not just about a specific menu plan and daily injections of HCG.  The whole purpose of the plan is to create healthier dietary and lifestyle habits.  That is the true reason why i facilitate the program in my medical practice.  This is a wonderful path to sustained changes in diet and lifestyle for many patients.  One thing that the body requires in order to have optimal health is exercise.  On phase II of the HCG Diet, I actually encourage my patients to do light exercise for 15-30 minutes per day.  I ask them to create the space in their lives to move and open and stretch and strengthen their bodies. This is so important.  When phase III comes along, you can take this gentle exercise and amp it up a bit!!


Take the Stand up Challenge on the HCG Diet

One thing that I have found in learning about the daily lives of my patients is how much people sit down at their jobs.  You can hit the gym and get your hour of exercise but if you sit all day long that is not optimal.  We need to move! I encourage all of my patients to stand as often as they can at work.  If you are in front of a computer, it is nice to walk away for 3 minutes each hour.  I have had my patients do this for the past 4 months and the results have been really great from a physical and mental health perspective. Give it a try.


What can Standing and Periodic Walking Breaks do for Me


Recently, I read a study from Mayo Clinic's Obesity Initiative in Arizona.  They had studies that showed what happened in the first 90 seconds after a person went from sitting to standing.  Blood glucose dropped 2%, triglycerides by 11% and cholesterol by 6%. People who stood for at least 1/4 of the day had a lower risk of obesity.


We ask our HCG Diet patients to make this happen for their entire program and by the end it has become second nature and adds to the positive changes that come from the program!


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