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A Glass of Lemon Water per day can keep the Doctor Away

August 27, 2014
Begin Each Day this Way with a Warm Glass of Lemon Water
Begin Each Day this Way with a Warm Glass of Lemon Water

Beginning Each Day with a Warm Glass of Lemon Water


This is a wonderful ritual to have as part of your morning routine.  All it takes is 1/2 of a fresh lemon and a glass of water and you have done your body a huge favor.  We recommend this as an essential part of our HCG Diet program at the Natural Path, as well as all of our cleaning and detoxification programs. If you want to take the health benefits one step further, you can add 1 oz. of apple cider vinegar to your morning beverage.  This is the way we recommend beginning each day on phase II and phase III of the HCG Diet.


The Health Benefits of Lemon Water


Lemon water is fabulous for the digestion.  It cleanses the intestines and gets the digestive juices flowing to aid in absorption of nutrients. Fresh lemon juice is jam packed with Vitamin C, Vitamin B as well as the minerals calcium, potassium and iron.  These nutrients also give the immune system as well as the energy in your body a big boost.  Obviously, the extra hydration is a bonus as well. Many of our patients claim that after following this practice for a month they notice that their skin is more clear and bright.  Lemons also help to break down mucus and phlegm and are wonderful during cold season.  Overall, lemons are phenomenal for the body.


Why should you Drink Warm, Lemon water Every Day!


Immune boosting, anti viral, mucus decreasing, alkalizing, energy boosting, hydrating, digestive tonic, anti inflammatory, assists in weight loss, anti cancer and just plain good for your body!


If you are on the HCG Diet or one of our cleansing programs or not this is a wonderful ritual to have daily before you get started with your day.


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