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A Five Star Testimonial about the HCG Diet Portland and HCG Weight Loss Portland at The Natural Path

April 9, 2014
"The HCG Diet has changed my LIFE"

A New Chance at Life after the HCG Diet Portland

A Patient Testimonial to the Natural Path HCG Diet Program



My name is Claudia Hicks and I began my HCG Diet  journey in June 2013.  The HCG Diet protocol that I went through at the Natural Path in Portland, Oregon  has truly been a life changer for me. The HCG Diet is  an amazingl way to lose weight quickly.   It is a springboard to a healthy lifestyle that has taken my shopping, cooking and eating to new levels.   I learned a tremendous amount about my eating habits and lack of dietary awareness through this  HCG Diet .  This program was medically supervised by the most caring, knowledgable and wonderful doctors I have ever known. 


After following a very specific food plan for 6 wks on the program I and then three weeks of a stabilization diet I  feel like my brain is reset and my body is wanting healthy, clean food.   I am amazed that I do not crave  "junk"  anymore and instead prefer a nice piece of melon or cucumber for a dessert.  My old patterns of eating convenence food are gone.   Dr. Madda and Dr. Phillipo of the Natural Path are exceptional at leading patients through this program.I am overjoyed by my success.

What I Experienced in the FIrst two Phases of the HCG Diet

The loading days of the HCG Diet were fun and made me a bit nervous as I was afraid to gain by eating fats. I chose to eat healthier fats but I also got a few strong cravings out of the way ... fetuccine alfredo & ice cream.  I gained 3 lbs but I was assured by my docs that it would go away!  When phase II came about I was very excited to eat clean, lean proteins and vegetables.   The injections were painless and I was surprised at how easy it was for me to give them to myself.  I was also shocked that I was not hungry.  The lack of hunger really made the HCG Diet easy for me.  After the first week, I was sleeping great, had increased energy and just felt great!  Dr. Madda was so inspiring and motivating and a wealth of knowledge.   He is an incredible doctor and truly an amazing coach and facilitator of the HCG Diet. I learned SO much and  I lost 30 lbs. Happy dance!!

The HCG Diet Stabilization and Maintenance Phase

Phase III was a breath of freash air for me after 6 weeks of the HCG Diet VLCD.   I loved the variety of meats, veggies, fruits and fats that I could now eat on this phase of the HCG Diet and loved that I could incorporate fats.I also liked that I still had to be very mindful and that I was eating very clean foods.


I added things in pretty slowly to see if I noticed that I had a reaction to them or if they made me gain any weight. Dr. Madda taught me that if I am sensitive to a food I would notice it and not feel so great and gain 1-2 lbs. in water weight.  This was the case for me with  almond butter.  I ate a diet of 1400 calories per day in this phase and it felt like the perfect amount of food for me.  I continued to lose 1 lb. per week on this phase of the HCG Diet.  


During the 3rd phase, I began studying about the Paleo Diet.  I wanted to make this my maintenance diet 90% of the time and splurge and enjoy "other foods" 10% of the time.   I learned that eating junk food really makes me feel horrible.  I eat a strict paleo diet 90% of the time and have joined a crossfit gym.  I am addicted to exercise now as well.  


I am now down 40 lbs. total since last June and I have kept it off.   I am blessed to have come across this HCG Diet.  I truly feel like I have a new lease on life and it feels amazing!!! I have a new wardrobe!!!  I am a new me!


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