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A Delicious Way to Prepare Salmon for HCG Diet P3!

May 15, 2017
HCG Diet Phase 3 Salmon
HCG Diet Phase 3 Salmon

Tasty HCG Diet Phase 3 Salmon Dinner


Personally, I love the phase 3 HCG Diet food plan. It is my own "maintenance" diet that I follow about 90% to 95% of the time. Then, I let myself indulge that other 5-10%.  Honestly, I prefer to eat clean, lean proteins most of the time with delicious vegetables, healthy fats and the occasional serving of fruit. If I indulge, it is usually in some fruit or nut butter ... two of my favorite treats. 


I love finding ways to jazz up simple meals. In my book, if it is fairly simple, healthy and tasty it's a keeper. This salmon recipe really is delicious.  I think there is something about the orange zest that really works here.  I hope you can try it either on or off the HCG Diet!


Salmon with Orange Zest and Spring Onion on the HCG Diet

First begin with a nice piece of salmon. I usually get a nice piece of sockeye for my family and 1 lb feeds the four of us with plenty left over.  I like to rinse it and pat it dry and place it on a baking sheet.  Drizzle with olive oil and some salt and pepper to taste.  Next, shave off some zest of  small orange and sprinkle it on top.  Then, use a citrus juicer and juice the orange ... sprinkle the juice on top.  Chop up a spring onion and place it all on top of the dressed salmon.  I like to add a few onion slices as well.  Bake in a preheated oven at 350 degrees for 15 minutes!

 Shazaaaam!  A delicious HCG Diet Phase 3 din-din!


The Healthy Fats and Proteins in Salmon - Great for our Phase 3 HCG Dieters


Salmon is filled with good nutrients for the body. There is a great focus on the benefits of omega 3 fatty acids for our bodies and salmon is full of the best omega 3's!  Salmon also has a unique protein and amino acid content!   Studies have shown that salmon contains small bio-active protein molecules that are showing to be helpful in inflammation, insulin sensitivity and cartilage support.  


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