Natural HCG Diet & Body Composition Program

Our HCG Weight Loss Program Includes…

  • THE NATURAL PATH HCG DIET GUIDE written by Dr. Cara Phillipo provides a step by step outline of the program.
  • Comprehensive medical office visit/consultation before and after the program.
  • Body composition analysis, lab work and overall weight loss goal assessment
  • Weekly 20-30 minute check ins to discuss progress, obstacles and concerns
  • High quality Rx HCG
  • Weekly "Slim Shot"  injection with B-complex, B-12, Carnitine & lipotropic nutrients (optional)
  • Access to our doctors via phone, cell and email 24/7 while on the program.
  • An opportunity to create a new YOU!

Natural HCG Diet program benefits

  • Lose weight quickly and increase your energy, vitality & mental clarity
  • Learn the physiology behind “fat burning” and “fat storing” and how we can make changes in our bodies
  • Relief from chronic health issues including low energy, high cholesterol & high blood pressure*
  • Enables you to transform your body in less than thirty days*
  • Targets the metabolic issues that prevent you from losing weight
  • Triggers the hypothalamus gland to release stored fat from your body
  • Shifts metabolism to allow your body to burn more fat
  • We have seen this program be effective and produce a healthier lifestyle

* Every person's results will be different and are not guaranteed.

Average weight loss results from the HCG diet

  • Weight Loss on average of .5 to 1 lb. per day that spares lean muscle and decreases hunger
  • A cleaner, leaner, more vibrant and energetic body
  • Clinical studies show that 70% of people do not gain the weight back
  • Triggers and “resets” the hypothalamus gland in the brain to release stored fat
  • Improve your overall sense of health, wellness, vitality and freedom

* Weight loss is not guaranteed and individual results may vary.

The Natural Path HCG Diet Program Investment

HCG DIET Initial Office Visit 

This office visit is about an hour and a half long and the doctor will go through a full medical history, detailed review of the HCG Diet program; full body composition analysis on our state of the art InBody body composition analyzer.  During your visit, we will also help you to do a practice injection and you will have a chance to ask any questions you may have about our program.  Our doctors are warm and friendly and care about you and your success with this program.   At this time, you will be given our HCG DIET MANUAL, HCG RESULTS TRACKER and RX HCG. The HCG Diet program will be discussed in detail and uniquely tailored to fit you, your body and your goals.

HCG DIET Weekly Follow up Visits

Each week that you are on the HCG Diet you will have a 1/2 hour follow up visit with Dr. Madda or Dr. Phillipo.

Slim Shot Injection (optional) 

This injection has been shown to assist in fat metabolism and consists of methionine, inositol, choline, B complex and B-12 with carnitine. We have seen this injection be very helpful to our patients during the HCG Diet process.

The number of weeks that you stay on the program depends upon how much weight you would like to lose. Each round of the HCG DIET phase lasts between 23-42 days.

 **disclaimer: Although HCG is a prescription medication, it is not FDA approved for weight loss.