Safe, Effective HCG Diet and Weight Loss Plan

After many years of research, Dr. Madda and Dr. Phillipo have developed a medically supervised HCG Diet & weight loss plan that is safe, effective, medically researched and fulfills their commitment to higher health. This physician supervised HCG Diet program is based on over 60 years of research and clinical experience and may help you shed unwanted weight quickly and safely.

At our clinic, we have seen many weight loss goals met and exceeded.  The key to success is a combination of the HCG Diet plan, the daily injections of pharmaceutical grade Human Chorionic Gonadotrophin (HCG) and some manageable lifestyle changes and diet modifications. We are fully committed to helping you reach your goals through the Natural HCG Diet as well as educating you on how to eat and live a healthy lifestyle to maintain your new healthy weight.

What is HCG and how does the HCG Diet work?

HCG is a natural hormone that when combined with a specific low calorie diet has been shown to play a role in turning over fat stores in the body.  As fat cells are broken down, somewhere between 1500-3500 calories per day are released into the blood stream for your body to use as fuel.   In addition to these calories being turned over from fat stores, you are eating in the range of 500 calories per day of a very specific diet.  As you can see, YOU ARE NOT CALORICALLY DEPRIVED THROUGH THIS PROCESS!  For this reason, our patients are able to eat a low calorie diet while maintaining the strength and energy needed to live their daily lives feeling great.


* We don't guarantee weight loss and individual weight loss may vary.