Portland's Premier Medical HCG Diet & HCG Weight Loss Program

Have you been having trouble getting the pounds to go?  Have you tried diet after diet and nothing helps? 

Our medically supervised HCG Diet program might be a perfect fit for you!

Finally, after many years of research, our doctors have modified a weight loss plan that is safe, effective, medically researched and fulfills our commitment to higher health.

This medically supervised HCG Diet & HCG Weight loss program at The Natural Path in Portland, Oregon is based on over 60 years of research and clinical experience.  In our clinical experience, we have seen consistent, positive change in most of our patients.  It is such an inspiration to watch our patients transform their habits, patterns and body composition through the HCG Diet protocol.


The HCG Diet has been the main focus of my medical practice over the last decade.  I am passionate about the results that come from this program and most of all the habits and patterns that my patients take with them into their future!  Through years of clinical practice, I have been able to modify Dr. Simeons original protocol to make the process easier for those leading the modern, busy lifestyle.  Although the HCG Diet has been based on an injectable form of Rx HCG, we have found an oral preparation of pharmaceutical HCG that offers great results. The HCG Diet will keep metabolism strong while you lose weight!  90% to 100% of the weight loss experienced by our patients on the HCG Diet, comes from fat stores vs. lean body mass. We use a state of the art body composition analyzer to map out the progress of our patients. 


Fat is now known to be an "endocrine organ" that  is capable of secreting cytokines that contribute to inflammation and disease in our body.  Free your body from unhealthy fat stores and let us teach you how to live and eat for your overall health and well-being!  We love to help patients escalate their health, energy levels and over all well-being to new heights.  After all, what is at the end of your fork is the best medicine that we have over the long term!


Our HCG Diet program is eligible for many  FSA and HSA accounts and we keep our pricing affordable for cash paying patients.


- Unlock the potential for dramatic weight loss that comes from fat stores and preserves lean muscle

- Give a jump start to boosting metabolism

- Teach patients how to eat and cook "real" food to maintian weight loss and lower inflammation

- Provide education & guidance on the most ideal ways to live and eat to maintain your new healthy weight

- Offer patient support every step of the way.  We care about our patients and patient success is our priority.

Our medically supervised HCG DIET PROGRAM is unbelievably successful for most patients.  We combine daily injections of pharmaceutical grade Human Chorionic Gonadotrophin (HCG) with simple lifestyle & dietary changes.

What is HCG and the HCG Diet?

HCG is a natural  hormone that is produced via the placenta in pregnant women. In the early 1950's, Dr. Simeons, a brilliant British doctor, discovered that HCG had a direct relationship with the mobilization of abnormal fat stores in our bodies. Dr. Simeons understood that HCG accomplished this by re-calibrating the hypothalamus of the brain. The hypothalamus is the part of our brain known to control metabolism, as well as the way in which our bodies burn fat for energy.   It is also known that men have receptors for HCG in their bodies. HCG in males has been shown to have a positive impact on testosterone levels. The HCG Diet has shown in our clinical experience to work safely and effectively for both men and women.

If you have weight to lose and you would like to hit the "reset button" on your eating patterns then give this program a try!
Let us help you transform your life to look and feel your very best ... we would love to be your guides every step of the way through our medically supervised HCG weight loss program.
Disclaimer: HCG is a drug that has not yet been approved by the FDA as safe and effective in the treatment of obesity and weight control. In our clinic HCG is used as an "off label" use along with a specific HCG Diet. In our clinical practice, we have seen this to be a safe and very effective for weight loss.
The Natural Path is an Integrative Naturopathic Wellness Center specializing in medical weight loss using the HCG Diet, cutting edge bio-identical hormone replacement including the testosterone pellet therapy, as well as, aesthetic medicine using botoxplatelet rich plasma (PRP) facials as well as the ViPeel. We love what we do and we do it well!